Sportsman GEN7000LP Generator – Users Rate #1 $769.00

Sportsman GEN7000LP Generator – Users Rate #1

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The Sportman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13-HP OHV Propane-Powered Portable Generator is one of the best on the market according to reviews. According to reviews this unit is easy to transport and reliable. No complaints were mentioned in any of the reviews.

This unit comes with many features. It is great for powering hose hold items and tools at a work site. Reviewers have used it in a variety of different areas such as campsites, homes, and job sites. All of the reviews we have found have had great feedback.

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Sportsman GEN7000LP Portable Propane Generator Sportman Specs

  • 7000 Watts surge/6000 Watts Running
  • 13 HP, 4 Stroke OHV
  • AVR Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Full Power Panel
  • Electric and Recoil Start
  • Four 120-Volt Outlets
  • 120/240-Volt Outlet
  • 12-Volt DC Outlet
  • EPA Approved

Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-watt 13 hp Portable Generator Reviews

The most commonly mentioned aspect of the Sportman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt Generator is the great way it handled any job it was given. It powered many appliances and tools that users needed. The most common use was in emergency situations when the power went out at homes. According to reviewers this machine preformed great in the most needed of times. The wheels on the unit also made it fairly easy to move to a desired area. Immediate use was also one of the pluses mentioned in a lot of the reviews we have researched. Starting use was as simple as using the recoil start or installing a motorcycle battery and activating the electric start feature.

The many outlets that come with the unit let reviewers plug in all needed appliances. The unit comes with one 120/240-Volt outlet, one 12-Volt DC outlet, and four 120-Volt outlets. All of these outlets let users power a variety of appliances and also charge batteries. The unit is also said to be very reliable because of its 13 HP 4-Stroke Engine. Power is also regulated by an Automatic Voltage Regulation system that prevents any damage to the unit. A full power panel also lets users control what outlets to use and when to use them. The unit is said to run great at a constant 6000 watts constantly and having a surge power of 7000 watts if needed. After all of these features the unit still runs amazingly quiet at no more than 80 Db. The fact that this unit came with a 5 foot propane hose with a regulator was also mentioned in lots of reviews as a positive. Saving customers the hassle of having to go out and buy one.

The Sportman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13-HP Portable Generator has very strong reviews. All of the reviews we have read through have shown great feedback. Our research has shown that this product is reliable and efficient. This generator has been tested and approved by the EPA guaranteeing safety. According to our research we would recommend this product to buyers looking for a good generator.

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