Durostar ds4000s Portable Generator

Durostar ds4000s Portable Generator

The DuroStar DS4000S portable gas generator can output 3,300 constant running watts of power which peaks at 4,000 watts, ideal for camping, RVs, sporting events, home backup power, job sites, and more. The DuroStar Generator is known as a rugged workhorse that can be used in multiple settings, all at an affordable price.

Durostar ds4000s portable generator is a great choice for all outdoor activities including camping, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, etc. It is a multi-functional portable power generator with a capacity of 50kW that can provide up to 12 hours of runtime.

The Durostar ds4000s portable generator features a lightweight and compact design that makes it easy to carry and store. It is also water-resistant, rust-proof, and shockproof. With its built-in solar panel, the ds4000s portable generator is equipped with the ability to charge your cell phone or other small devices.

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DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator Specification

  • 4000 Watt Surge
  • 3300 Watt Continuous
  • 4-gallon gas tank with easily readable gauge
  • 8 hour run time at 1/2 load
  • EZ Pull recoil start
  • EPA approved
  • Automatic low oil shut off
  • Non-CARB compliant
  • Power panel with main controls, including start switch, voltmeter, and circuit breaker
  • Two 120 Volt, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets for home appliances
  • One 120 Volt, the 30-amp outlet for high power tools
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with four-point fully isolated motor mounts
  • Smooth and quiet operation with quiet muffler reducing engine noise at 69 dBA rating
  • 1 year limited warranty

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Overall, this generator is able to power a refrigerator and additional lights, outlets, and other small appliances on this generator.

This Generator is affordable plus a good amount of power you can expect from it. The length of time they were able to run things in the home for the price was a huge bonus for the generator. The four-gallon tank actually runs on average for 10 hours, more or less about how much load you are putting on the mechanism.

This power generator is not only reliable in power outages, but it’s also perfect for powering an RV. Many users claimed they could start this generator straight out of the box, let it idle for three minutes, and then plug it into their camper.

Many RV owners rely on a portable generator to keep their camper going when they’re on the road. In fact, one RV owner said the generator works so well he actually gets to bed at night without turning it off.

The DuroStar gas-powered generator produces low noise at a very quiet and whisper-quiet level. The noise output is so low that you can enjoy a conversation or music with your loved ones without being disturbed by the generator.

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This model is built with the same quality of components that you’d find in a premium generator. The generator comes in three different sizes, so if you need more volume than the standard one offers, you can always buy the second and third models.

We liked that the engine had rubber mounts and a large heavy steel muffler. They also complimented the sturdy gauge steel with rubber pads that help dampen vibration.

We found that the product description said the generator can run for eight hours, but in reality, it could run between 10 and 16 hours, depending on how many appliances you are connecting with. We hope this update will make it more accurate for potential customers.

Features of Durostar ds4000s Portable Generator

Powerful Engine– The DuroStar 208cc OHV engine is a workhorse that offers enough power for lots of different purposes. It is a perfect choice for powering high voltage appliances, heavy-duty power tools, and even lawnmowers.

Plenty of Power– This unit can handle all types of heavy-duty loads – from light bulbs to refrigerators to power tools. It can even power a home air conditioning unit. And with the extra horsepower, you can use your power tools without worrying about damaging your equipment or having to find an outlet.

Low Oil Shutoff– Protects your investment by automatically turning the generator off when the oil gets low. This way you don’t have to check it every day!


Durostar ds4000s Portable Generator is a portable generator that has been used by many people to power their homes for years. It’s a great alternative to other types of generators that have been around for a long time. We also discuss the things you need to check before buying a generator. For more information on the Durostar ds4000s Portable Generator, visit our review.


Q: Are Durostar generators any good?

Answer: Durostar is an excellent generator brand, which offers a wide array of energy solutions. Their generators are sturdy, dependable, and efficient too. In fact, their entire range is designed to offer maximum power output with minimal maintenance. Their warranty period is also longer than most brands, making them a safe investment.